At Let’s Get It Sorted we believe that providing focused psychological therapies makes a positive approach to counselling. Let’s Get It Sorted is always dedicated to working authentically, with integrity and respect.

Jayne Jones

Jayne Jones is a passionate and accomplished counsellor, and is accredited as a mental health social worker. With 9 years of clinical experience in the public and mental health systems, Jayne empowers her clients by drawing on her sound knowledge and skill set. Jayne uses a number of evidence-based therapies depending on the client’s needs, such as Reality Therapy, Choice Theory & the exploration of Values, Beliefs and Shame. 

Jayne realised that her passion for social work can encourage others to face life’s challenges, through exploring belief in themselves. From this need to help other’s, Let’s Get It Sorted began, with offices located on the Gold Coast.

Jayne believes that social work can look at the individual and the impacts their environment may have on their concerns – social work connects your life challenges to its social contexts and explores them in session.



At Let’s Get It Sorted we use the following therapeutic approaches to support clients during the counselling process:

About our Logo

The use of an elephant has been used for the Let’s Get It Sorted logo for the following reasons:

Reason One:

Elena Harris states “In many cultures, elephants are featured as symbols of power, wisdom, inspiration, and reverence. Their strength is legendary throughout history as well as mythology. Even today, they still carry this powerful connotation with them, which makes them the perfect spirit animal for anyone who wants to take charge of what’s happening in their life.”

Generally, the elephant represents the following:

Reason Two:

If you say there is an elephant in the room, you mean that there is an obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about.